What better way to hear about how Clicker Savvy Canines can help you, than from some of our very own clients!
Here's what some of our biggest fans have to say about training with CSC!


"When we adopted Quincy he was as friendly as could be, but after we came home from work one day to find our blinds ripped off the window, we knew he was a bit of a troublemaker.  He seemed anxious when we'd leave and was jumpy on walks.  Joanne offered her services and made an immediate impact.  After a training session and lots of tips, we learned how to better settle him down.  The clicker training method helped him to focus on us and listen to cues, and his behavior improved substantially!  As first-time doggy parents, we were thankful for all of her help.  Thanks Jo!!" 


~ Mike B.


"Jo, your positive training and working with a clicker saved my boys and me! Of course, I think a lot if it was training me. My two dogs can now coexist and play together. We are all so much happier together! Thank you!"



~ Annie M.